Hardwood Products


Seneca Millwork stocks a wide selection of wood species and is skilled at sourcing wood globally. Exotic woods are subject to availability. Many times domestic species can be matched to exotic flooring.


At Seneca, we work together with our customers to ensure our transitions are the perfect accessory to their flooring selection. We utilize an exclusive ColorMaster System to meet customers specifications, and have more than 8,000 existing ColorMasters on file for many popular hardwood flooring brands and colors.

If a new ColorMaster needs to be created, customers send wood flooring samples—showing a good range of color—to our color lab where the species, stain and finish can be coordinated with the flooring. We use our state-of-the-art colorant software, along with our ColorMaster folder showing samples of the trims, to develop coordinating colors. This method provides a consistent complement to the customer’s flooring and when dealing with a natural product there is no better way to attain color quality and accuracy.


All of our hardwood products are available unfinished, prefinished (primed or stained) or custom color-coordinated. All prefinished products are coated with an environmentally-friendly water-based low VOC polyurethane coating. It is vacuum-coat applied and UV-cured with gloss levels made to specifications. Each piece receives a minimum of two coats. Our multiple, state-of-the-art finish systems allow us to be flexible and yet responsive to short lead times.

SPECIALTY FINISHES. Hardwood flooring is available in a large variety of special textures and designs that capture timeworn charm—such as distressed, sculpted, wire brushed and antiqued finishes. Modern techniques such as multistep, glazed and dead flat finishes also offer style and flair. Seneca can mimic the appearance of any specialty finish with a coordinating environmentally friendly product.


At Seneca we use superior products throughout our company processes. This approach is even implemented in the packaging and shipping departments where each individual hardwood transition is shrink-wrapped to help protect it during shipping and delivery. We utilize five-panel corrugated cardboard boxes, custom built pallets that fit to material size, and wrap our products in protective material. This unique combination helps provide a sound and secure shipping experience.


Seneca is the industry leader in on-time promised performance. Even with products involving multistep treatments like sculpting, wire brushing, multi-colored floors and more—we ship the day we promise. When you place an order with our customer service team, your trim will be shipped as soon as possible and on time—99.88% of the time.


Seneca has the capability to manufacture custom profiles if the transition profile needed is not among our standard selections. Contact us regarding custom length products as availability may depend on individual species length limitations. Small orders of custom products may require an additional charge due to time and product scheduling requirements. Minimum quantities are required.


Would you like to build your own brand of hardwood products? Seneca has the capability of supporting your brand to assure maximum recognition and profits to your business. Support can include custom branding; custom packaging; and custom bar-coded labels for pieces, boxes or master cartons.

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